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Success Stories | Reducing Readmissions

Success Stories | Reducing Readmissions

During Telligen's initial onsite visit,nursing leadership was introduced to the Situation/Background/Assessment/Recommendation communication tools. Communication was identified as a key element for quality improvement. As a result, knowledge of communication and teamwork tools were incorporated in the site assessment tool. 

The Director of Nursing identified the opportunity to improve communication in the nursing home. She stated, "When Telligen talked about SBAR I saw great potential for improving communication." She believes the SBAR tools provided by Telligen are important and she is in the process of implementing them in the facility.

This DON also became aware of the community efforts to reduce readmissions. This facility is now committed to the community goals of preventing readmissions and reducing cost.

She believes the SBAR and the resulting improved communication will contribute to this important community initiative.