Quality and Performance Improvement


Value-Driven. Data-Driven. Evidence-Based.

What We Do

Telligen’s quality and performance improvement solutions help government agencies and private organizations accomplish goals related to better patient care, better health for populations and communities, and lower healthcare costs.

Government Agencies: Telligen has served as the CMS-designated Quality Improvement Organization for the state of Iowa since 1972. Today, we’re a Quality Innovation Network, helping the Medicare program improve the quality, value and efficiency of services delivered to patients in Iowa, Illinois and Colorado.

Private Organizations: We offer consulting and support services to hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, physician practices, healthcare systems and community-based organizations wanting to bring best practices and process improvements to their organization.

Our work has helped the Medicare program and its providers:

  • Decrease adverse drug events
  • Improve immunization rates
  • Fight the spread of antibiotic resistance
  • Lower rates of unnecessary hospital readmissions and medical errors
  • Reduce disparities associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Analyze cost savings for targeted improvement programs
  • Improve nursing home quality
Teresa Titus-Howard

“The Medicare program has a unique opportunity to shape the future of healthcare. Armed with this type of information, CMS will be better positioned than ever to lead broader health system reforms across the country.”

— Teresa Titus-Howard, Vice President of Health Management

How We Do It

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Engage providers, stakeholders, and beneficiaries and their families in large-scale transformation efforts

Program Evaluation

Recognize areas for opportunity, evaluate performance and calculate cost savings

Quality Measures

Adopt measures, calculate baselines and identify appropriate aims for each measure

Practice Transformation

Analyze performance, redesign clinical processes and provide ongoing performance measurement

Lean Six Sigma

Optimize processes, eliminate waste and reduce defects

Success Story

Project and Client: Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) delivered by CMS’ QIN-QIO program

Description: Telligen’s program evaluators analyzed DSME, a nationwide quality improvement intervention, to determine impact and cost-savings to the Medicare program.

Results: 29 percent fewer diabetes-related hospitalizations, and savings of nearly $40,000 per 100 DSME completions.

“Our hypothesis was that diabetes has such a profound influence on overall health status that improved management would have implications beyond prevention of diabetes-specific diagnoses.”

— Kim Irby, Director, Health Management

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