Addressing Behavioral Health in the Workplace

Health and Productivity Study In a landmark health and productivity study, a group of preventive medicine and workplace health experts found depression was the costliest health condition to employers in terms of total workplace costs. Their work found that workplace … Continued

Proven Results Case Study

BackgroundThe Connecticut Carpenter’s union with 5,000 members started health management programing in January 2005. After nearly 10 years with that vendor, costs were soaring and unsustainable in increased employee contributions. In January of 2015, Connecticut Carpenters and Telligen partnered to … Continued

The Impact Mental Health Has on Workplace Productivity

Mental illness can become evident in many different ways. Mental health problems affect a person’s thinking, feeling, or mood. Some mental health problems are severe and disabling; while others are mild. Some may affect someone’s ability to relate to others … Continued