Telligen Wins New Medicare Support Contract

Under DVAC, Telligen will continue supporting Medicare contractors and networks executing large-scale improvement work The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that Telligen, in collaboration with The Bizzell Group, will continue providing analytic and administrative support to … Continued

What Medicare Claims Reveal About Adverse Drug Events

Resources for Payers, Patients, Caregivers, Providers, Pharmacists, and Researchers Recognized as a largely preventable source of harm to patients, Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are a public health issue that require ongoing surveillance. Seniors are especially vulnerable with more than 40 … Continued

America’s Other Drug Crisis: Adverse Drug Events

Telligen Study Uses Medicare Claims to Understand Medication Use Patterns Among Seniors at High-Risk for Adverse Drug Events While the opioid epidemic receives national attention, another less publicized drug crisis has been developing for decades — more senior citizens arriving … Continued

Health IT Summit 2019

As one of this year’s gold sponsors, Telligen will be on-hand at AFCEA’s 11th Annual Health IT Summit. The summit brings together more than 1,000 senior executives and IT professionals from across industry and government to explore strategies for leveraging … Continued

Enter Interoperability

CMS Changes Name of EHR Incentive Program and Advancing Care Information Performance Category The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has re-branded both the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs (aka Meaningful Use) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System … Continued

Want to Improve Quality? Improve Your Data

In the era of value-based care, organizations are prioritizing performance improvement efforts to satisfy reporting requirements and reduce costs. Managing data is essential to improving performance and takes on multiple forms. It involves the collecting, tracking, analyzing, interpreting, and acting … Continued

What is Value-Based Reimbursement & How Can Doctors Succeed?

What is Value-Based Reimbursement? Although value-based reimbursement is a complex subject, the end goal is straight-forward: rewarding providers for the quality of care provided, versus the number and type of procedures. In short, value-based reimbursement promotes ways to change clinician … Continued

Beginners Guide to Value-Based Healthcare Reimbursement Models

In recent years we’ve seen a notable reduction in the growth of Medicare spending compared to prior decades, both overall and per beneficiary. This reduction can be partially attributed to policy changes, such as adoption of new healthcare reimbursement models (aka pay-for-performance … Continued