Implementing a Successful Health Coaching Program

Author: Troy Cook, VP of Business Development According to Forbes, 70% of U.S. employers offer general wellness programs to employees. That’s up from only 58% just eight years ago! And Health Coaches have a big part to play in these … Continued


So much of what drives expensive, chronic health conditions are often called social determinants of health… For millions of Americans, our lives outside the doctor’s office can have major impacts on health outcomes. — Alex Azar, Remarks to America’s Essential … Continued

Troy Cook to Speak at Health & Benefit Expo

Troy Cook, Telligen Business Development VP, will be a featured speaker at the 25th Annual Health & Benefits Expo in New York, New York. On November 9, 2018, Troy will shared results of a national benchmark study Telligen conducted through … Continued

Addressing Behavioral Health in the Workplace

Health and Productivity Study In a landmark health and productivity study, a group of preventive medicine and workplace health experts found depression was the costliest health condition to employers in terms of total workplace costs. Their work found that workplace … Continued

The Linchpin to Controlling Costs

Author: Scott Pashley, Director – Business Development/Sales Do you find yourself struggling to move the needle on employee health and cost containment? You need to find the missing piece to the health puzzle! Holistic population health programs offered by employers … Continued