What Medicare Claims Reveal About Adverse Drug Events

Resources for Payers, Patients, Caregivers, Providers, Pharmacists, and Researchers Recognized as a largely preventable source of harm to patients, Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are a public health issue that require ongoing surveillance. Seniors are especially vulnerable with more than 40 … Continued

Health IT Summit 2019

As one of this year’s gold sponsors, Telligen will be on-hand at AFCEA’s 11th Annual Health IT Summit. The summit brings together more than 1,000 senior executives and IT professionals from across industry and government to explore strategies for leveraging … Continued

The Data Element Library: The Finale

How Does the DEL Work? Download the Infographic  Take a journey through post-acute care settings to learn how hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, and primary care practices use the DEL to exchange data and support coordinated care. Learn How … Continued

The Making of the Data Element Library: Part 2

The Challenge: Help the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services make all assessment data collected in post-acute care settings standardized and interoperable by 2019. Solution: The Task: Promote interoperability in post-acute care by deploying The Data Element Library, CMS’ first cloud-based … Continued

The Making of the Data Element Library: Part 1

Telligen’s development team helped the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services deliver a new database, the Data Element Library, to advance the exchange of electronic health information in post-acute care settings. The Data Element Library is a free, centralized resource … Continued

Want to Improve Quality? Improve Your Data

In the era of value-based care, organizations are prioritizing performance improvement efforts to satisfy reporting requirements and reduce costs. Managing data is essential to improving performance and takes on multiple forms. It involves the collecting, tracking, analyzing, interpreting, and acting … Continued

A Roadmap to Better Health

Neighborhood. Area. Cluster. Latitude. Longitude. Distance. These geographic terms are increasingly finding their way into the population health and quality improvement arenas. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has made it easier to unlock hidden patterns & population variations in health outcomes, … Continued

Better Data = Better Insight = Improved Outcomes

Telligen’s data analysts are transform complex data into meaningful insights that tell stories, guide decision-making, & build healthier communities.  To acquire value from healthcare data, a data analysts’ work goes beyond collecting data and producing reports. It requires going beneath … Continued

Kick-Off 2018 With AFCEA’s Health IT Day

Join Telligen as we kick-off our 2018 event schedule at AFCEA Bethesda’s 10th annual Health IT Day taking place January 16 at the Bethesda North Marriott and Conference Center in Maryland. Every year, this event brings together more than 1,000 executives and … Continued