How do you inspire engagement among your members?

At Telligen Health and Well-Being, we work with diverse employer groups and health plans to help them address how they can create member engagement. Specifically, implementing a true well-being solution as opposed to traditional wellness, often results in members who … Continued

Diabetes Epidemic Webinar Recording Available

Did you miss Telligen’s recent webinar examining the diabetes epidemic? No problem! We recorded this valuable session for you. Telligen’s own Chief Medical Officer, Paul Mulhausen, and our Wellness Account Manager, Ami Bolles, led this valuable session on a topic … Continued

Diabetes Epidemic Webinar

Total costs of diagnosed diabetes in the United State are over $245 billion. With 1 in 3 American’s being prediabetic, those numbers could pale in comparison to what your organization will be forced to spend in the near future. Telligen … Continued