Addressing Behavioral Health in the Workplace

Health and Productivity Study In a landmark health and productivity study, a group of preventive medicine and workplace health experts found depression was the costliest health condition to employers in terms of total workplace costs. Their work found that workplace … Continued

The Importance of Early Interventions for Diabetes

Every 21 seconds someone in the United States is newly diagnosed with diabetes.1 This is a troubling statistic for the health of the affected individuals as well as for both employees and employers who are paying more in diabetes-related healthcare … Continued

How to Quit Smoking in Five Steps

Author: Carissa Grother, Telligen Health Coach Smoking is a Chemical Dependency Called Addiction Addiction is complex. Nicotine physically alters the brain by releasing dopamine (a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers). Smoked nicotine has a quick arrival … Continued

How do you inspire engagement among your members?

At Telligen Health and Well-Being, we work with diverse employer groups and health plans to help them address how they can create member engagement. Specifically, implementing a true well-being solution as opposed to traditional wellness, often results in members who … Continued