The Future of Population Health

Qualitrac® is Telligen’s proprietary, population health management application. This web-based, mobile friendly, MITA-aligned system provides the flexibility and modularity required to handle today’s complex healthcare data management and analytics solutions. Clients nationwide from state Medicaid programs, the federal government, employers, health plans and trusts have achieved their goals for quality improvement and cost savings using Qualitrac.

Modular solutions for meeting today’s complex challenges

Qualitrac is a suite of inter-connected modules that can function on their own or serve as a comprehensive population health management solution when combined. We’ve designed Qualitrac so that it can seamlessly integrate with any legacy MMIS system.


Designed by Healthcare Professionals

Unlock the power of Qualitrac’s comprehensive analytics, intuitive dashboards, and actionable insights for tailored interventions. Developed by clinical and technical professionals working side-by-side, Qualitrac offers the tools to drive outcomes and seamlessly achieve your population health objectives.

Configurable Setup

We’ve designed Qualitrac to meet the demands for seamless integration with legacy MMIS systems. Clients can also tailor their experience with customizable reports, client branding, letters, care plans and more.

Best-in-Class Security

Our product is HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2 validated and HITRUST certified, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that Qualitrac is safeguarded with the best measures of data privacy and security available.

Information Now

Designed to reduce unnecessary gaps in care, Qualitrac features real-time data, care team interactions, auto-authorizations, case status checks, and dynamic reporting.

Web & Mobile-Optimized

With its responsive web and mobile-friendly design, Qualitrac ensures users can effortlessly access and navigate on both their desktops and handheld devices.

What clients have said about Qualitrac

“Qualitrac is much more intuitive and easier to use than other provider portals and systems that we access.”

State Medicaid Provider

“I am so impressed with the quick and fast response that Telligen has for getting the PASRRs scheduled….by far this is the best quality I have seen! Qualitrac and Telligen are amazing.”

Hospital Provider

“We are very impressed with the system flow and the user experience and are looking forward to using the Qualitrac system.”

State Medicaid Official

“Clinical providers have reported that Qualitrac is much more intuitive and easier to use than other provider portals and systems that they access.”

Medicaid Program Official

“We not only survived the first week…we thrived! Our review staff already have an appreciation for the efficiencies and process improvements Qualitrac offers.”

State Medicaid Reviewer

“Telligen’s Qualitrac is my favorite documentation system that I have to submit documents to. The others kinda make me want to pull my hair out.”

Hospital Provider
CMMI certification badge, development

Ready to get started?

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