Connect stakeholders. Build capacity. Collect and analyze data. Implement tailored solutions. These are the strategies our seasoned improvement experts use to spearhead critical change initiatives within organizations and across community care settings.

Let’s Work Together

Telligen’s solutions for learning, dissemination, and implementation help government agencies and community healthcare providers build the capacity and infrastructure to implement promising practices and programs into real-world settings. Download the flyer learn how Telligen helps clients advance their improvement goals by bringing together quality improvement science and implementation research.

Did You Know:

Telligen’s solutions incorporate insights and lessons learned from more than four decades of experience, including our most recent work as the Quality Innovation Network National Coordinating Center (QIN NCC) for the Medicare Quality Improvement program.

Who We Are & What We Do:

With nearly 50 years of experience in healthcare quality improvement, Telligen is a recognized leader for driving transformational change. Telligen identifies and brings stakeholders together, designs and executes programs using best practices and lessons learned from state and national projects, then works on the ground to help local change agents adapt and implement strategies within their own unique setting.