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what we do

Telligen helps states establish efficient and responsive programs that emphasize person-centered planning and accountability while reducing conflicts of interest. Those services include:

Core Standardized Assessments

CSAs promote person-centered planning through independent assessments assessing strengths, functional impairments, and service-level needs.

Level of Care Determinations

Determinations for waiver programs, ICF/ID and nursing facilities, and non-financial eligibility determinations for persons with mental illness.

Person-Centered Care

Help states select population-specific CSA tools that promote choice, reduce administrative burden, and establish a resource allocation methodology.

Conflict-Free Case Management

Service plan development, arranging member services/supports, and ongoing outcomes monitoring.

Preadmission Screening and Resident Reviews

PASRR Level I screenings and Level II reviews increase the quality of life for those admitted to nursing facilities with mental illness, intellectual disability, developmental disability or related conditions

“Telligen’s IME team consistently met or exceeded our standards for contractor performance in more than 30 measurement areas. In the years I worked with Telligen in my role with Medicaid, I found them to be timely, responsive, proactive and excellent to work with.”

Former Iowa Medicaid Director

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how we do it

We implement Core Standardized Assessment programs as a path to achieve fair and independent measurement of the supports that members need to live safe and healthy lives in their communities, as well as ensure choice and equity. Telligen utilizes multiple waiver tools such as SIS, InterRAI, ICAP and state-developed tools.

Population Health Management

Gain a thorough understanding of the work and develop a state-specific work plan that can be implemented within weeks.

Disease Management

Educate consumers, providers, family members, case managers and advocates on CSA processes and their impact.

Qualified Staff

Employ a staff of experienced, full-time assessors trained to administer the Supports Intensity Scale for both children and adults.

Workflows & Operational Procedures

Design a sound methodology that begins with workflows and advances to operational procedures and reporting.

Accurate, Informative Reports

Establish a quality assurance approach where assessors consistently meet inter-rater reliability standards and produce informative, well-written reports.

Expert Testimony in Appeals

Provide expert testimony when preparing for administrative appeals.

success story

Client & Program: Core Standardized Assessments for Community Long-Term Services and Supports

Description: Provide many diverse services in the implementation of CSAs, including design of processes, training, communications, stakeholder engagement and valid independent assessments. We have also completed CSAs for community long-term services and support (LTSS) waivers, which serve persons with developmental and physical disabilities.


  • First in the nation to implement adult and child versions of SIS assessments
  • Assessment completion timeliness of 99%
  • Routinely score 4.7 out of 5 on satisfaction surveys

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