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what we do

Our Wellness Solutions are tailored to client needs, ranging from a singular health improvement focus to organizational culture and holistic well-being-based programming (physical, financial, personal and professional).

Services can include:

  • Program consulting
  • Biometric screenings
  • Physician fax forms
  • Online wellness portal
  • Telligen’s mobile health app
  • Tailored communications
  • Health & Well-Being challenges
  • Unlimited lifestyle coaching
  • Alternative standard compliance

“Our evidence-based wellness programs use a combination of a comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform combined with a collaborative, strategic approach to create and offer programming that will best meet the needs of your population.”

Ami Bolles - Director of Strategic Account

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how we do it

We engage your members to promote health & well-being, no matter where your members fall on the Spectrum of Health™. We use interactive tools to coach and nurture each participant toward a healthier lifestyle, which in turn helps drive the health of the company. Through our Wellness Solutions, clients report better member engagement, improved biometrics, reduced health risks, and increased productivity.

what participants say

I’ve had a great experience with my Telligen Health Coach. Her approach was spot on…she met me where I was at.

- Member Testimonial

My health coach’s compassion, knowledge and understanding helped me achieve a successful lifestyle change. Thanks to Telligen for taking the time to help people in times of difficult health situations.

- Member Testimonial

I want others to know this is truly a positive experience and is for everybody, no matter where you fall on the health spectrum. I encourage others to meet with a health coach to help you accomplish your health goals.

- Member Testimonial

When my jazzercise studio closed due to COVID-19, my health coach helped me find alternative workout options. Telligen health coaching is just what I was looking for and I’m grateful for the opportunity and the helpful service provided through my health insurance.

- Member Testimonial

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