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what we do

In the face of a catastrophic medical situation, such as a heart attack, traumatic injury or high-need behavioral health conditions, Telligen’s case managers provide the expertise necessary to coordinate the most complex and/or high-risk cases through direct engagement with your members, their families and/or caregivers, and providers. Telligen’s Case Management program is an ongoing, collaborative program between the member and their case manager.

Solutions include:

  • Catastrophic
  • Oncology
  • Transplants
  • Specialty Medications
  • Emergency Room Reduction
  • Care Transitions (medical & behavioral health)
  • Behavioral Health

“Telligen helps members navigate complex health situations to ensure health needs are met. Throughout the experience, our case managers communicate with members regularly and provide support and education every step of the way.”

Joyce Numedahl - Director, Care Coordination

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how we do it

Telligen’s case management program consists of a collaborative process which includes assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation and advocacy for options and services. Telligen’s Certified Case Managers (CCM), nurses, behavioral health professionals and diabetic educators build relationships with members and their families and/or caregivers to understand their conditions. We collaborate healthcare treatments and coordinate with providers on adherence to evidence-based practices so member health is maintained and costs are managed.

 success story

The Issue: A self-administered Health Fund that covered the lives of 4,200 members was facing complex member health issues that contributed to high costs to the Fund.
Telligen’s Role: Through Telligen’s Case Management program, Health Fund members were provided the expertise necessary to coordinate the most complex and/or high-risk cases. Telligen’s certified Chronic Case Managers helped members and their families understand their conditions, coordinate healthcare treatments, and engage providers in evidence based practices to maintain member health and manage costs.

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