State Medicaid Solutions

Telligen’s Medicaid solutions deliver innovative, customized cost-containment strategies that help agencies meet their goals related to quality improvement and the health of their populations.

Person-centered health management strategies and solutions. Quality improvement interventions. Conflict-free assessments.

The increasing trajectory of chronic conditions and their associated healthcare costs are the single biggest threat facing State Medicaid programs. People not only need access to healthcare services, but they need assurance that the care they receive is of the highest quality and the lowest cost possible. To achieve this, state Medicaid programs need a health management and IT solutions partner who not only understands their population but can deliver the kinds of solutions that no other vendor can offer to their most complex challenges. Telligen is that partner.

The Right Care at the Right Time in the Right Setting

With a 40-year history of improving the health of members enrolled in government programs, Telligen’s specialized focus in government-sponsored health care is unique and remains at the very core of what we do. Our Medicaid solutions are designed to help state agencies, health plans and managed care organizations:

  • Deliver high-quality, cost-effective care―Reduce unnecessary utilization and achieve cost-containment by pairing high-risk members with licensed health coaches and delivering coordinated care across multiple providers.
  • Transform care delivery―Innovative data analytics and quality improvement strategies designed to achieve measurable results, improve compliance with evidence-based guidelines, streamline clinical processes and advance Triple Aim goals.
  • Develop Patient-Centered LTSS―Conflict-free assessments, evaluations and level-of-care determinations that accurately determine care and service needs for members receiving long-term services and supports.

Managing Medicaid's Costliest Members

paper cut-out family and home under Medicaid protection umbrella

Increasing demand for Long-Term Services and Supports are creating serious budget pressures on state Medicaid programs. This white paper outlines LTSS delivery and financing in the U.S., highlighting the transition away from institutional-based care, the emergence of managed LTSS, quality improvement efforts, and guiding principles for managing LTSS programs.

Download the full white paper to learn more.

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