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what we do

We can tailor a program to fit more specialized and more critical medical needs of your employees and their families. Programs can include:

Maternity Management:
We focus on the care and needs of your employees needing maternity care, including those at high-risk.

Behavioral Health Services:
From stress management to high-need mental health conditions, behavioral health services are incorporated into every Telligen Health & Well-Being solution.

Coaching Training Course:
Telligen offers Coaching Training Courses for the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program. If your organization needs training for your lifestyle coaches, Telligen can help. Click here for more information.

Oncology Case Management:
Telligen provides support for members with cancer and their families and works with the provider to perform a holistic review of the entire treatment plan.

Transplant Case Management:
Telligen’s case manager coordinates medical services pre- and post- transplant, provides education, and assistance to empower the member in the participation of their own treatment and member plan.

Care Transitions:
Telligen offers an intensive post discharge program to assist members in the transition from acute to home to manage the conditions that are high cost “impactable” diagnosis and frequently readmitted conditions.

Emergency Department Reduction Program:
Telligen case managers identify members with three or more emergency room visits in a period and work with members and providers to identify and promote alternatives to the emergency room, such as primary care follow-up and the use of alternative care locations like urgent care clinics. Case managers educate members on condition management, assist in finding in-network physicians and specialist, and locate in-network urgent care facilities that are convenient for the member.

“Our flexibility allows us to create innovative specialty solutions for clients based on the unique needs of their population.”

Ami Bolles - Director of Strategic Accounts

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what participants say

Telligen is an excellent health management partner. They bring strong data analytics, collaboration and innovative solutions to the table.

- Client Testimonial

My case manager is both empathetic and supportive with a wealth of information in educating me. It is reassuring knowing that I have a very competent nurse dealing with my case and working with my providers to coordinate all of the services I utilize.

- Member Testimonial

I am so pleased with my case manager. She has been so helpful and pleasant to talk to. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me.

- Member Testimonial

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing chemo and having a newly diagnosed seizure disorder, my case manager helped me understand my conditions and helped me through a very difficult time. I feel blessed knowing her; she is a godsend to those of us who have nowhere to turn.

- Member Testimonial

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