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Telligen Health and Well-Being empowers people to be healthier, more activated and more productive. Our proven approach engages individuals wherever they are on the Spectrum of Health with personalized solutions. The result is a powerful impact on your human and financial resources by cultivating a culture of health and well-being, with true measurable outcomes.

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“With more than 600 employee‐owners, we have superior depth and breadth of subject matter expertise, including 350 trained medical professionals and 200 health informaticists, data analytics and technology experts. Telligen provides an unmatched set of programs and resources enabling us to engage individuals wherever they are on the Spectrum of Health.”

Jeff Chungath - CEO

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Turnleaf Mobile app

Telligen’s Turnleaf Mobile App puts personalized health coaching in the palm of your hands. Through the Turnleaf mobile app, members can directly engage with their dedicated health coach throughout their coaching journey. 


  • Directly message health coach
  • Schedule coaching appointments
  • View program information

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