Telligen is excited to announce its second release of updates and enhancements to Qualitrac for 2021. Our clinical and technical experts work year-round to maintain and enhance the product. This continuous effort is one of the reasons why Qualitrac is the preferred population health management application nationwide among government agencies, employers and health plans.

The following is a comprehensive overview of the latest features and enhancements that have been added to further improve user experience and efficiency. For a look at the previously announced updates in 2021, click here.

Integrated Assessment Scheduling Module
Reduce scheduling challenges between members, assessors, and case managers with the new collaborative scheduling module in Qualitrac.

Enhanced Implementation Configuration Tool
New tool that allows administrative users to easily configure outcome reasons for specific clients. Outcome reasons are configurable at both the client level and the review type level. Enhancements to the software configuration tool allow our Implementation Team to apply business rules to meet your needs.

Qualitrac Health Check Dashboard
We proactively monitor key performance indicators in real-time to measure and respond to crucial aspects such as performance, availability, security and more. With these insights, the application will adjust and scale the environment to adapt to fluctuations in activity volume.

Enhanced Dashboards and Reporting

PASRR Outcomes Report: Included in our comprehensive PASRR Reporting package to provide details regarding volume of PASRR Level I screenings completed, number of those needing a Level II, and final outcomes/recommendations.


Care Management Operations Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive view of who you are managing and how. The dashboard provides a summary view of engagement rates, current member status counts, referrals provided to members for various services, and information pertaining to different contact methods. Case managers can view this data across their whole population or filter down to specific solutions and programs. From the dashboard view, you can then use drill down capabilities to view the specific member records.


Care Management Quality Assurance Report: New Quality Assurance report geared towards health coaching to ensure engaged members are getting the appropriate assessments and outreach activities in a timely manner.