Telligen is excited to announce its first release of updates and enhancements to Qualitrac for 2022. Our clinical and technical experts work year-round to enhance and advance the product. This continuous effort is one of the reasons why Qualitrac is the preferred population health management application nationwide among government agencies, employers and health plans.

Enhanced Assessment Capabilities

We have expanded our comprehensive library of member assessments for providers, assessors, and care coordinators to evaluate and document member needs for various programs. Assessments are integrated with scheduling and care coordination to provide an efficient and accurate process for eligibility and level of care assessments for Medicaid waiver populations and Medicare Advantage special needs plans. Assessments also include PASRR Level I and Level II, and numerous assessments for health management programs including social determinants of health, chronic disease management, behavioral health, maternity and many more.

Improvements to the User Experience

Several changes were made to the Qualitrac user interface to enhance the user experience. These improvements include:

  • Care Management Criteria Override – A new view on the Care Management panel in the Member Hub to see the reason why a member has been engaged in coaching even though they dos not meet criteria for a coaching program.
  • Medication Reconciliation– Improved functionality when completing and viewing medication reconciliations, providing the ability to adjust views between medications most recently indicated as ‘currently taking’ by the member and viewing the entire member medication history.
  • Care Plan Problems – Updated care plan filtering and sorting options so that by default currently active problems are surfaced up to the top of the care plan.
  • New Letter Creation and Editing Tools – New tools that allow administrative users the ability to create new letters, manage existing letters and update attachments and images in real-time.

Call Center Automation

We implemented improvements to our integrated Qualitrac Call Center technology, including:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Authorization Call Outs – The IVR process will automatically call out to providers to share authorization data. When an automated call is not able to be completed due to incomplete phone number information, the system will automatically schedule a task and alert the review team to contact the provider.
  • IVR Call Campaign Exclusions – The IVR auto authorization call out process can now be configured to include or exclude auto calls depending on the review type.

Enhanced PASRR Capabilities

Following up on our release of the Qualitrac PASRR module in 2021, we continue to release new features to support the PASRR workflow and needs for our customers. These enhancements include:

  • New PASRR Level II Workflow – A new workflow to support a PASRR case that originated as a Level I review and went on for a Level II. This workflow supports activities for scheduling and performing the Level II, and sending a follow up 30 days post assessment to confirm services are being received.
  • PASRR Level II Follow Up Report – A new report geared towards the outcome of PASRR Level II follow ups. Once a PASRR Level II is completed, Qualitrac supports the ability to follow up with the provider 30 days later and inquire about the services recommended to determine if the member is now receiving those services. This new report compares the recommendations made with the services being implemented to ensure that members are receiving the proper care.