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what we do

Government systems house massive volumes of diverse data capable of revolutionizing the way healthcare is paid for and delivered. Extracting value from this data requires reliable and secure warehouse structures, advanced data analytics, and in-depth knowledge of government processes and regulations.

Whether it’s accessing or managing a warehouse of four billion health records, using advanced healthcare analytics to monitor the effect of quality interventions and predict specific outcomes or leading the largest long-term care reporting initiative, Telligen offers the support and expertise to achieve lasting improvement.

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CMS Technical Advisor - after receiving support from Telligen QIES staff

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how we do it

Telligen’s analytics team includes experienced program evaluators, specialized data and GIS analysts, and highly skilled biostatisticians who understand clinical quality measures data at a granular level. The team works closely together to develop analyses that are relevant and meaningful to the client.

Analysis includes detailed reports using simple to complex predictive statistics with visual representations that clarify conclusions and guide next steps. Telligen’s data analysts use a variety of tools including SAS and Spectrum of Health, our in-house analytics tool for measuring population health.

success story

The Project: Using Medicare claims to identify a population at high-risk for Adverse Drug Events (ADEs)

The Client: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

Telligen’s Role: Development, programming, server maintenance, deployments and coding

Published In: Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy (3/2019)

Significance: Enhances Medicare’s medication safety efforts by establishing a uniform method for tracking ADEs among seniors

  • Identifies populations at high-risk for ADEs
  • Calculates rates of hospitalization among high-risk seniors
  • Data can be shared for targeted quality interventions

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