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what we do

For providers navigating value-based care, participating in new payment and delivery models comes at a cost — increased administrative requirements coupled with day-to-day patient care demands.

Telligen helps payers, providers and community stakeholders transition to the value-based payment and delivery models changing the way healthcare is paid for and delivered.

We currently support participants in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus, Primary Care First, Direct Contracting/Kidney Care Choices, and Oncology Care Models, and provide technical assistance, education and outreach for providers participating in CMS’ Quality Payment Program.

“Telligen’s support is excellent in every way possible. In all my years in medicine, dealing with CMS (even as a member of the Medicare Advisory Committees for both Nevada and for the American Urological Association) this was the best experience I have ever had!”

Physician survey comment after receiving technical assistance

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how we do it

Program implementation and monitoring services include:


Support all aspects of model service delivery and payment program design, implementation and ongoing operations

Testing & Analysis

Analyze data, track ongoing progress, perform demonstration model testing, recommend improvements based on continuous feedback loops

Validation & Testing

Provide quality measures support for measures specifications, validation, testing, measure calculation, and audit

Data Collection, Measure Calculation & Reporting

Develop program-specific tools, resources, and stakeholder engagement and training opportunities to accurately capture and report data for program purposes

Technical Assistance

Deliver multi-channel help desk support including higher level advisors to meet the specific needs of individual providers or practices

what providers say

“Telligen’s staff is stellar and integral to the day-to-day functioning of our team.”
- CPARS Performance Review

“The most pleasant experience I’ve had with a government organization.”
- Rich M., Primary Care Provider

“Appreciate your understanding, help and detailed explanations.”
- LeAnn R., Oncology Provider

“They anticipate our needs and keep us organized all while being extremely pleasant to work with.”
- CPARS Performance Review

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program implementation & monitoring

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System & Application Development