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Create Connections. Redefine What’s Possible. Celebrate Success.

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what we do

Telligen helps government agencies, community healthcare providers, stakeholders, and patients build capacity and infrastructure to implement evidence-based practices and programs — interventions that research has proven to work — into real world settings. We offer a learning approach that breaks down silos to unite these partners to tackle difficult health challenges by organizing and facilitating learning communities to advance common goals and spread evidence-based practices. Telligen’s quality improvement experts incorporate implementation science to proactively assess and mitigate barriers and facilitators for implementing evidence-based practices into day-to-day work. Additionally, our team applies dissemination science to spread information about a promising intervention to other organizations where it is likely to succeed. Combined, these approaches help us determine why and how an intervention works to strategically spread to others, locally, regionally, and/or nationally.

Learning and dissemination services incorporate:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
  • Data Analysis Support
  • Leadership Development
  • Knowledge Sharing Tools
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Dissemination Planning
  • Community Organizing
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Implementation Science Coaching & Analysis
  • Virtual and In-Person Meeting & Event Management

“Telligen staff are great thought partners in moving healthcare forward. Their approach is truly and authentically collaborative.”

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how we do it

Learning, dissemination, and implementation services include:

Create Connections

Build relationships through project collaboration, online communities and peer-to-peer education and sharing

Measure Performance

Drive performance improvement by identifying, collecting and analyzing data

Redefine What's Possible

Bring together top performers to harness the skills, knowledge, and abilities of their peers and vested partners

Learn To Lead

Access training opportunities tailored toward building leadership and capacity

Celebrate Success

Build and maintain participant engagement by monitoring performance measures and recognizing achievements

Sustain & Spread

Identify emerging trends and facilitate the spread of new ideas and evidence-based best practices through dissemination science

what providers say

“You made my heart sing with your effective meeting management approach.”

- CMS Leader

“Telligen staff are great thought partners in moving healthcare forward. Their approach is truly and authentically collaborative.”

- Contract Partner

“The rapid-cycle improvement projects really helped engage the community in finding solutions.”

- Quality Innovation Network participant

“The theory provided in this course is a fabulous foundation for task focus & delivery.”

- Quality Innovation Network participant

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