Transitioning to a new Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) module can be daunting and scary, whether you’re the end user of the product or you’re part of the organization in search of new technologies, operational efficiencies, and quality improvements. When implementing our proprietary population health management system, Qualitrac®, Telligen standardized our product configuration and implementation processes to ensure we alleviate those fears by capturing your needs and addressing any challenges.

Our four-step implementation process involves:

  1. Understanding goals
  2. Understanding current state
  3. Standardized configuration and implementation processes
  4. Training and ongoing support

Our four-step implementation process involves: Understanding goals Understanding current state Standardized configuration and implementation processes Training and ongoing support

Understanding Goals

Your goals become our goals and keep us pointed in the same direction. We believe that establishing trust and confidence with the client, the end users, and all associated MES partners and vendors is critical to project success. By fully understanding the intent and purpose of implementing the Qualitrac system and how it fits into the larger picture, we can work through challenges and continuously circle back to the reason we are all working together.

Understanding Current State

It is imperative that our Implementation Team meet with your subject matter experts early in the process to fully understand current workflows and dependencies. By understanding existing work and processes, we can quickly identify areas of improvement and efficiency within the Qualitrac workflow, thus helping to decrease anxiety related to change and build excitement prior to go-live.

Standardized Configuration and Implementation Processes

Our step-by-step configuration and implementation process addresses each data element of the system. We take the end users through each component of the process, allowing them to fully understand how we align their needs to the configuration options within the Qualitrac system and give them a voice in which options are selected. We are also well versed in the CMS certification requirements and will work with you to document and submit artifacts necessary to meet the conditions of enhanced funding.

Training and Ongoing Support

The Telligen Client Services and Implementation Team stays with you from start to finish. Our product experts truly become your partners by working with your team through implementation and configuration, providing training to your end user community, and continuing to provide ongoing support post go-live. We are on this MES journey with you and look forward to seeing your goals become reality.

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