Mental health impacts all aspects of life, from the home to the workplace. Research shows mental illness often has a ripple effect on families. Mental illness can change how families live their lives and create tension, uncertainty, and stress.

When caring for a family member with a mental illness, know that you are not alone. Family members and caregivers play a vital role in helping and supporting the millions of people in the U.S. with mental health conditions. It is easy to let their care take over your life, but it is essential to also take care of yourself. In some cases, the stress of caring for a family member with a mental illness can lead to anxiety or depression.

Telligen expert health coaches are here to help members who care for a family member with mental illness and those who struggle with stress, depression, and anxiety themselves.

Our health coaches provide:

  • A strong support system during difficult times
  • Assistance location additional mental health resources
  • Actionable steps to improve mental well-being long-term
  • Ongoing communication with a dedicated health coach
  • Resources and education to help address mental health concerns
  • Assessments of mental health

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