Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently published a case study on Telligen’s use of AWS Cloud. Telligen and AWS: Optimizing costs and powering better population health with the cloud is a comprehensive spotlight on Telligen’s integration with AWS, from identifying the challenges of previously maintaining an on-premises data center to the process of migrating the current 50 percent1 of Telligen’s data storage and operations – and the cost optimization realized all along the way.

This integration has not only helped Telligen to operate with more agility, but it has helped us to provide solutions for our clients with greater efficiency, security, reliability and cost optimization.

“Along with being expensive, there was the risk of not meeting the customer’s expectations. That is the other thing in an on-premises environment — you can’t be agile. You can’t quickly adjust. The ability to do this in the cloud and to be more responsive ultimately leads to happier customers,” said Brian Barry, Telligen CIO.

Click the link to download (PDF).

1Editor’s Note: As of 3/30/2021, approximately 80 percent of all client production systems, data storage and operations has been migrated to the cloud.