Behavioral health is one of the most pressing needs in healthcare today. Ensuring that providers have the means to provide the appropriate outreach with precision and minimal delay is paramount for achieving the best outcomes. That’s why Telligen is proud to have more than 25 years’ experience evaluating Medicaid members for mental health conditions that require behavioral health outreach. Among that experience is more than 15 years providing PASRR reviews for our clients and the members they serve.

The combination of PASRR Level I screens and Level II evaluations improve the quality of life for those admitted to nursing facilities with mental illness, intellectual disability, developmental disability or related conditions. These reviews ensure that nursing facilities have the appropriate resources to accept the member, and they help facilitate connections to services to help members function at the highest level possible and in the most appropriate setting during a vulnerable life transition.

Telligen’s health management solution, Qualitrac, is the technological backbone that provides clients with efficient and reliable results when it comes to PASRR reviews and determinations. This is thanks to three factors that make Qualitrac stand out among all other enterprise solutions on the market.

Online, Convenient and Secure
Easy, intuitive online forms allow for the efficient entry of member assessment data with no guesswork required. Qualitrac is also built and tested to meet the most rigorous healthcare data standards so clients can rest assured that member data is transmitted and stored securely.

Automated Determinations
Configurable algorithms provide real-time Level I determinations. This helps eliminate delays in care while also providing a higher level of precision when it comes to engaging with providers for further education or addressing gaps in the data.

Configurable Setup
Does your state have specific needs for its own PASRR assessments? This is not a problem for Qualitrac as it was designed to be configured to fulfill unique needs from state-to-state while being grounded in federal compliance. Telligen’s experts will work with you during the onboarding process to ensure the best user experience for you and your providers.

Telligen’s team of clinical and technical experts are proud of the system they’ve built and are eager for the opportunity to show what it can do. Contact us today to set up a demo.