Telligen is excited to announce its fourth update on enhancements made to Qualitrac in 2022. Our clinical and technical experts work year-round to enhance and advance the product, which is how we’re able to help our clients achieve their goals for quality and outcomes improvement and cost savings.


Dashboard and Reporting Updates

  • New Assessment and Biometric Trending Dashboard – A new dashboard is now available for the Care Management module that allows a user to select specific assessments and biometric values to compare and trend over time. For scenarios where an assessment has been completed multiple times the user can compare response answers at an aggregate level or for a specified population; for example, grouped by chronic condition and/or age range.
  • PASSR Level II Turnaround Time Report Enhancements – Updates have been made to the PASRR Level II report to include more details regarding the Level II review. This includes activities such as time elapsed between each of the workflow steps.
  • Spectrum of Health Dashboard Enhancements – Updates to the Spectrum of Health dashboard include new charts, filtering and drill down capabilities. The intent of the dashboard is to surface up and provide information pertaining to costs and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, questions such as: Who are the high-cost members? What conditions do they have? What’s the breakdown of medical vs pharmacy? Users can view condition, claims and cost information at both an aggregate level or designate specific populations to focus on.
  • New Care Management Dashboard Landing Page – New dashboard available for Care Management users upon logging into the Qualitrac system. This dashboard gives the user a quick view of various care management related activities such as:
      • Ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner.
      • Identifying engaged members who do not have an upcoming task scheduled.
      • Tracking outreach attempts to members to ensure timely contacts are being made.
      • Engaged members who are missing an assessment.
      • Time elapsed since last successful contact with engaged members to help promote timeliness of contacts.
  • Report Scheduling – New functionality that provides administrative users the ability to automatically schedule and deliver reports for specified users. Reports can be set up to be automatically delivered at a frequency chosen by the user.

New Assessments

Several new assessments were added to the Care Management module to provide care managers with additional data collection tools and reporting opportunities specific to the members’ condition and/or needs. These new assessments include:

    • New Wound Assessment
    • New Diabetic Assessment
    • New Short Team Pain Scale Assessment
    • New Pediatric Assessment
    • New Maternity Management Obstetrical Needs Assessment

New Functionality and Workflow Updates

  • Assessment Management Case Cancellation – New cancellation workflow and reasons for the Assessment Management module to account for scenarios when a previously scheduled long-term care assessment needs to be canceled. Includes cancellation reason reporting capabilities.
  • Single Sign-On – Functionality to support single sign-on capabilities for users already signed in and authenticated through a secure network.
  • Acuity Level – New field added to the Care Management module to help care coordinators gauge acuity level for members they are managing. The Acuity Level Field then helps with managing caseloads and setting frequency of contact expectations. The values available in this new field are completely customizable.