Telligen recently completed migration of its entire Qualitrac suite to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Our systems can now deliver higher levels of agility, security and reliability to our clients better than ever before.
Here are just a few examples of the advantages this enhancement has given us:
    • Increased Availability: Meeting the demands of our clients with 99.99% availability, system recovery in less than 1 hour and zero downtime deployments.
    • Pro-active Monitoring: CloudWatch and Dynatrace anomaly detection for automatic reporting of application errors.
    • Performance: Connect to third-party dependencies like MCG. Utilize high-speed storage for performant access to our data layer.
    • Security: Best-in-class third-party firewalls; Best-in-class Security Information and Event Management (SIEM); best-in-class strict access controls.
    • Cost Containment: AWS pay-as-you-go; predict and reduce future costs; AWS savings plans to further reduce costs.
Click here to read a case study recently published case study by Government Technology highlighting our migration to AWS Cloud. Contact us today to set up a time to discuss how the AWS migration would benefit your state’s program.