Telligen employee-owners Karilynne Lenning and Jennifer Petersen are co-authors on a research article published in “Nutrition and Cancer.” 

The article, “Assessing Impact of Nutrition Care by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists on Patient Medical and Treatment Outcomes in Outpatient Cancer Clinics: A Cohort Feasibility Study,” evaluates the impact of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) nutrition care on oncology patient outcomes, describes clinic malnutrition screening practices and estimates the possibility for a larger study. 

The research followed 77 patients with lung, esophageal, colon, rectal or pancreatic cancer from six facilities – 41 patients received RDN nutrition care while the other 36 did not. RDN nutrition care was provided for six months and researchers pulled emergency room visits, unplanned hospitalizations and treatment changes from medical records during that time. 

Lenning, in partnership with the Academy of Nutritionist and Dietetics, wrote the study design to secure funding for and explore the feasibility of the research. Petersen supported the clinical data collection and validation for the study involving six outpatient cancer centers. The study data supports the value in conducting a larger scale study increasing sample sizes to note differences in the medical outcomes for specific tumor types based on early interventions with registered dietician nutritionists.

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Nutrition and Cancer reports research on the impact of nutrition on cancer etiology, therapy, and prevention, covering topics like carcinogenesis, dietetics, and food policies. 

About the Authors 

Karilynne Lenning is a Sr. Manager of Health Informatics and Quality with Telligen. She is a licensed social worker and holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration.

Jennifer Petersen is a registered nurse and a Sr. Quality Improvement Facilitator at Telligen.