In support of our commitment to oncology care and outcomes improvement, Telligen is proud to join CodeX as a Benefactor member. 

CodeX is a member-driven HL7 FHIR Accelerator hosting a growing communityworking together to enable FHIR-based interoperabilitythat drives substantial improvements for some of the most important challenges and opportunities in patient health.  

As part of the community, we will be working alongside health care organizations committed to creating solutions to deliver real-time reporting for oncology data, reduce the cost of care for cancer patients and improve patient outcomes. 

“With Telligen’s engagement in CodeX, we can use our experience supporting oncology practices in data collection and our understanding of the challenges faced specific to oncology data, as well as our technical expertise to champion ideas and use cases,” said Becky Metzger, Telligen Senior Manager of Health Informatics. “Our aim is that our expertise and engagement will help provide solutions to reduce burden and improve data critical to improving oncology care, support value-based initiatives and assist oncologist, researchers and government agencies in having real time access to data needed for high-quality, coordinated oncology care.” 

Read more about CodeX and its goals here: