The National Quality Forum (NQF) Leadership Consortium is an active forum exclusively for NQF members to connect, collaborate, and share insights on the nation’s most complex healthcare issues. The Leadership Consortium is committed to identifying quality measurement and improvement strategies to achieve national health and healthcare quality goals. This group of thought leaders convenes each year to identify practical, action-oriented initiatives to drive meaningful and lasting change for every person who interacts with the American healthcare system. Telligen is proud that our team members Dr. Jane, Brock, medical director, and Lindsey Wisham, director, federal health solutions, participated in the 2021 Leadership Consortium and contributed to this important work.

“It was so rewarding to be ‘in the room’ with such talented and diverse colleagues,” said Dr. Brock. “Kudos to NQF for identifying three compelling current challenges to healthcare quality. Although each priority area is a discipline worthy of standalone improvement, they are interrelated in a way that suggests national leadership strategies would be enormously beneficial.”

The Leadership Consortium recently released its 2022 Priorities for Action: social determinants of health (SDOH) data collection, promoting clinician and care team well-being, and measurement of person-centered care. These priorities – rooted in health equity, clinician experience, and patient and caregiver experience – present achievable opportunities for all stakeholders to improve the care experience and health outcomes for every person in America.

The Leadership Consortium’s priorities for action build upon NQF’s The Care We Need report and Strategic Plan, which emphasize the need for building a stronger, more focused, and cohesive healthcare quality ecosystem.

Read more about the 2022 Priorities for Action and Leadership Consortium recommendations: