Telligen is committed to addressing disparities in health and healthcare, ensuring that every individual can achieve optimal health regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

Telligen’s health equity solutions are flexible and adaptable to the needs of physician practices, hospitals, nursing homes, health systems, community coalitions, payors, federal/state agencies, and other organizations. We build upon current efforts to decrease healthcare disparities. Our suite of services can be implemented individually, combined into a full consulting package or customized to the best configuration for our clients.

Key Health Equity Services:

Assessments: Telligen helps organizations establish a baseline from which they can track measurable improvement. Equipped with a clear baseline, we can begin to help with data strategies and interventions to close health disparities.

Consulting Services: Our subject matter experts can consult on intervention strategies, information technology barriers, and assist with data interpretation (e.g., identifying high performers and understanding the drivers of high performance).

Data Analytics & Visualization: Our analytic experts and data scientists generate customized reports, collaboratively and iteratively working alongside clients to ensure metrics best fit their needs.

Intervention Resources: Telligen advisors apply proven methods and propose creative solutions to help clients implement evidence-based interventions for the elimination of healthcare disparities.

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